Monday Thoughts- Anxiety and Such

Hi everyone,

This week is the beginning of what might be the 2 worst weeks of my life. I know I have been talking about college a lot, but honestly it is the only thing on my mind. If you see me walking down the hall at school I am most likely checking my email. This is something I have only recently realized I have been doing every second I can. I NEED to see if I am hearing back from a school.

I get panic attack, or at least this year I have began to have them, and that is most defiantly a result of subconscious stress related to college. Last night I was contacted by 3 different peers of mine who asked me what to do because they were having a panic attack. It’s really scary to have a panic attack. You feel like your heart is going to beat out of your chest and that you are going to faint, or throw up, or that you won’t be able to stop crying. Thats scary. Especially when you are in public and do not have the comfort of your own bed.

Anxiety sucks, and it holds you back, even when you don’t know it. Here are some tips for anyone who needs to relax.

  1. Breathe- Find somewhere where you are away from distractions. I have used the bathroom,  or even just turned towards a wall in a hallway. Take deep breaths that will bring your heart rate down. Thats the scary part, so get that to stop first.
  2. Do something to relax- Read a book, take a walk, watch netflix. Anything that will help you relax
  3. Take a Nap/ Go to sleep

These tips are pretty helpful. I hope I can help someone who needs it.




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