Freebie Friday- How I Youtube Tag

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Happy Friday! Freebie Friday is my weekly fun post where I where I do something different every week. I could do a tag, a movie review, or a bundle.

This Weeks Theme: How I Youtube Tag

TGIF! Let me just say this first. I am NOT a Youtuber. I am just a very very active member in the viewing community. I do my Youtubing in a very interesting way and I though it would be a fun and random tag to create/ share! So lets get on with it!

1. What is Your Channel(s) called?

Well I think it is important to note, that I have 2 different accounts. One is called Maxine, and the other is MaxThings13.

2.Do You Have More Than One Account? Explain Why or Why Not

Ok, so this is sort of a long story, but the basic idea is this: Maxine is my normal everyday account. It is filled with lots of funny videos, news videos, movie trailers, etc. Pretty much any normal everyday stuff you will find on this accounts.

I created MaxThings13 when I started watching Beauty Guru videos. They kept clogging up my subscription box so I decided to make a separate account just for those kinds of videos.

3. What Kinds of Youtube Videos are Your Favorite?

I am such a big fan of comedy videos… but only really well done videos. Here is a secret, I am super picky when it comes to what I watch.

4. Do You Create Youtube Content? If So What?

I do not make content! I am putting all of my effort into my blog!

5. What is Your Favorite Book Related Youtube Video and Why?

Ok, I love Ariel Bissett! I think that she is quirky, clever, and her videos are totally awesome! This video is probably my favorite because it is about something no one ever talks about in the YA community and that is sex in books! I think that Ariel does a really great job talking about both sides and really digging deep with the issue. Check it out!

6. What Are Your 2 Favorite Channels?

SDK – My kinds of people right here in this collab. I honestly just want to be their friends… so bad.

Cambria Joy– Surprise! I really like Lifestyle videos! Cambria is honestly Bae. She is wonderful. If you want some really great recipes, or motivation to be active or start working out, she is the girl to go to. I think she is really true to herself and I respect her so much.

Ok. There it is. The strangest tag you have ever seen on a bookish blog… thats Freebie Friday for ya! I tag all of you! Link down below if you decide to do this tag!! 




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