Challenge- Organization month 3

Hi everyone! As I mentioned in my first post of the year, I have decided to participate in 4 challenges this year. Every Thursday I will be updating you on my progress with one these challenges.


The Book Blogger Organization challenge is a half year challenge hosted by The Book Addict. Every month you are given a theme and many tasks to complete in regards to organizing your blog. This month’s theme is:

Social Media and Review Outlets

Updating Social Media

  • As of now I don’t think that there is really any need to create or use any more social media outlets besides what I already have. With that said:
    • Twitter: Follow me on twitter! My username is // . I don’t post a lot about my blog as of now, but as I start to get more comfortable with it as a whole I totally will! At the moment, if you like sassy posts, check it out!
    • Instagram: This is the big debate. I don’t post books on my Insta, but I am open to the idea. Right now it is more a decision of how much I want to expose my personal life. What do you think about this idea? If you have opened your Instagram up to followers what has that been like?


Updating Goodreads

  • Follow me on Goodreads! This part has been one of the biggest challenges for me and is going to be a long term process, just because I use Goodreads a different way than most people do.
    • I have deleted duplicates!– There weren’t too many, but that for sure cleaned things up a bit. I will make sure I keep a lookout for doing that in the future.
    • I am in the process of creating new shelves
      • I hope you all know how difficult and time consuming doing this is. I was totally unaware how much effort organizing my Goodreads was going to take, so I underestimated the amount of time I would need to do it. Right now I am doing my best, but there is still a lot of work to do.
    • I edited my bio and made my page more user friendly!– I made my goodreads so long ago, so my profile was totally outdated. I added a link to my blog there and wrote a little bit about myself.



  • I have been super lazy with this, so it is another work in progress!
  • I am starting to go through and check out reviews I have made and sort of condensing them into short little bits that are still helpful. As of now I am making my way though my page of all my reviews.
  • I am cross-posting mainly to Goodreads.
This month’s challenge sort of hit me in the face, totally unexpected! I am really digging it though! There is something about getting things organized and making progress that makes me feel nice (haha). Have a good month organizing everyone!

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