How I Really Feel About Romance in Books

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Happy Tuesday! This week’s theme is all about Romance! In honor of Valentines day I will be sharing some of my likes and dislikes when it comes to reading romance (which I love so yayayayayay)


The Swoon Factor-I love when books give me the feels. I love experiencing a relationship or love with a character. I think this might have to do with the fact that I am single and lonely…. but still. When there is good swoon moments I swear, I will go down with that Ship! I will I swear!

Relationship Development– If you have read any of my reviews you know that I am all about character development. There is nothing better then seeing a character grow and become their own, but the same thing works with relationships. Watching a couple learn to love is so sweet! Even with conflict, reading about them working through it is great!

I Get Really Emotionally Invested– I cry when you cry OTP. When I was reading Hopeless I literally cried 5 times while in school. I will cry anywhere, honestly. The subway, in school, in a library, I don’t care, I need to feel along with my lil babies.

Fictional Boys– Wow real life boys suck so much. I just want a nice fictional boy to sweep me off my feet. The 18 year old boys at my school suck.

It’s All Too Good– The relationships are just so sweet. Full of hot moments, but moments, sexy moments. I don’t know, my life isn’t like that (haha I’m lonely).


 Why so Cliche’?– Honestly, I dig the classic romantic plot lines once in a while, but come on authors, no need to tease me about it all. We all know they are gonna get together in the end.


End #Badboys– I am so done with that opposites attract, good girl and the bully/badass get together stuff. Boring. Not real. Bye


Indecisiveness!– AHH! My least favorite thing in books is so prominent in love stories. I hate when characters can’t connect to their feelings the way real people do. If you like him, you know it. Stop changing your mind, go with your heart buddy!


We Need More Confident Females– Why is it always the male characters who are confident with themselves and their sexuality in YA Romance? Whats the deal with that? Female characters don’t need to be shy about their sexuality because they are girls. Hello this is 2015.


Setting– Ok so I live in huge city, why are there never any romance stories about teenagers in NYC? Our lives are cray. I find it hard to relate to kids that live in the middle of nowhere, but thats just me.

I don’t really have a ton to say about these books beside for the fact that they all are amazing reads that pulled me out of slumps that I never thought I would come out of. 




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