Monday Thoughts- FanFiction

Happy Monday!

Recently I have been thinking a lot about fanfiction. I started reading fan fiction in the 6th grade when I discovered I had just finished reading The Clique and totally thought it was the best thing ever and wanted to read more more more. My favorite was about 90 chapters long and followed the girls through the rest of high school. I was totally enthralled with the whole idea that someone could just make the story go where they want it to go. Then I discovered the strange part of fanfiction.

The thing I do not understand is when people create stories where they are using characters that have already been created, but change everything about them, except for their name. I think this is called AU (?). I do not understand the point go this. Why not just write an original story? Is using characters that aren’t your own a way just to get reads?

That being said I am curious if you guys feel if Fanfiction is real writing? You know what I mean? The idea are only partially the writers own. Honestly, I don’t know how I even feel about the whole thing. I  don’t read much fanfiction anymore, but I do think that it is interesting when books that were once fanfiction are published. 50 Shades of Grey was Twilight fanfiction, look where it is now.

In conclusion, I guess I like the idea of fanfiction. I think that its fun to think about where your OTP might end up, or what their future or past might look like. I don’t think its cool though when you take someones character and totally change them for the purpose of your story. The author spent time developing and creating that character. Why discredit their work?

How do you all feel about Fanfiction? Have you ever read it? If so, what kind did you read?




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