Challenge Thursday- Being Organized, week 1

Hi everyone! As I mentioned in my first post of the year, I have decided to participate in 4 challenges this year. Every Thursday I will be updating you on my progress with one these challenges.  


The Book Blogger Organization challenge is a half year challenge hosted by The Book Addict. Every month you are given a theme and many tasks to complete in regards to organizing your blog. This month’s theme is:

Reading Challenges and Resolutions 

What Challenges did you pick and how did you choose them?

I am participating in 4 challenges this year

  • The Book Blogger Organization Challenge hosted by The Book Addict’s Guide
    • I check out this blog pretty frequently and was super excited when I saw this challenge I was really excited.
    • I chose to participate in this challenge because I think that it a really great way to start off the new year and get this blog looking nice and pretty!
  • Dive Into Diversity Challenge hosted by Rather Be Reading
    • I love Rather Be Reading! They’re super crafty and their reviews are awesome
    • I chose to participate in this challenge because I feel that a lot of the books I tend to gravitate towards are super cliche. Honestly, most books have protagonists who are white, healthy, or well off. I think that sucks. I am super excited to expose myself to some new ideas and thoughts!
  • The Re-Read Challenge hosted by So Obsessed
    • So Obsessed is another blog I follow, even though we don’t really read the same books. I like her review style and some of her features a lot!
    • I have so many books that I love, but can’t really remember why I loved them so much, time to remember!
  • The 2015 Debut Author Challenge  hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl
    • I had read that I bunch of bloggers were doing this and I decided to jump on the bandwagon.
    • I want to read more debuts and read some different authors! Plain and simple. 🙂

What are your resolutions for this blogging year?

I resolve that I will…

  • Follow my blogging schedule
  • Continue to update my schedule so that I will always be able to be ahead
  • To read at least 1 book a week
  • Try my hardest to comment on at least one blog post a day

Whats this new blogging schedule you keep mentioning?

As a senior in high school, free time is super rare. I decided that I needed to have something that I could hold my self accountable to for posting. I figured that a schedule would be a good way to feel more involved in this blog. I created some features and have set super high goals for myself.

This is what the schedule looks like:

  • Sunday- Review day!
    • I have a goal of 3 reviews a week, but I WILL be posting reviews on Sundays
  • Monday- Monday Thoughts
    • Monday Thoughts is my discussion post feature. I have been wanting to do this for a while, but hadn’t gotten around to it. Now I have it!
  • Tuesday- Top Ten Tuesday
    • I love T10T! I will be continuing to do this feature by Broke and Bookish this year
  • Wednesday- Review
  • Thursday- Challenge Thursday!
    • Pretty self explanatory
  • Friday- Freebie Friday
    • I posted one of these last week! Pretty much I will be posting something random each week
  • Saturday- Save the Date Saturday
    • Check it out to see what books I am excited to see come out this year!

What are some ways you plan on organizing your ideas and plans for your blog?

At the end of the year I started using Wunderlust to schedule my posts. Wanderlust is AMAZING. If you are looking for a really simple and clean way to organize ideas and when you will post, then this is it!

Do you have a blogging buddy to keep you motivated?

HAHA I wish! Actually, if you are looking for a buddy let me know!


Happy Challenge Thursday!




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