Monday Thoughts: Obligations to Series

Recently I have began to struggle with reading series of books. I love series, don’t get me wrong! I love being emotionally invested in characters and their lives, but sometimes to me that is not enough. The more I have become involved in the Bookish community, I have found that reading recommendations and reviews have become a huge source peer-pressuring me into reading books. When I see 5 of my favorite bloggers, all raving about a book, I feel that I just have to pick it up. I know, I know, thats not how this is suppose to work, but they are doing a good job! I love recommendations and reviews and TBRs, but when it comes to reading series and reviews on entire series I get nervous.

For example, this post has spurred from my recent attempt to read the Raven Cycle Series by Maggie Stiefvater. In the past I read the first two books in the Wolves of Mercy Falls series, but kinda forgot about it. I really enjoyed those books, but since then I have tended to stay away from fantasy books as a coincidence. Recently, everyone was talking about the third installment of the Raven Cycle Blue Lily, Lily Blue and raving about how amazing the series was. I decided that if everyone loved it so much I needed to read it. I set out on an adventure to my local library and picked up the book. Mind you that I went into this whole thing totally blind (probably a mistake). As I started to read the book I was totally not into it. I liked the Raven Boys, especially Noah and Gansey, but Blue did nothing for me, and neither did the whole magical part of the book. I did not want to finish the Raven Boys, but I did. I guess you could say I enjoyed it, but up until the bitter end I was confused about 60% of the time. Still, I was determined to like it. My determination got me to pick up the second book. When I saw it was long I shed a tear and began to read, I really didn’t like the book and stopped about 15 pages in.

I realized recently that the only reason I picked up the second book was because it was a series. If it was a standalone I probably wouldn’t have thought about picking up a book even remotely similar. I felt obligated to finish a series, not because I liked it, but because it was just that… a series. I know, its all very strange, but it made me wonder if other people feel the same way I do when it comes to series.

Do you feel obligated to finish a series, even if you have out grown or disliked it? What do you like about series? What makes you nervous in reviews or on blogs when it comes to picking out books? Let me know! I am really curious?




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