Freebie Friday- New Beginnings for the New Year

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Happy Friday! Freebie Friday is my weekly fun post where I where I do something different every week. I could do a tag, a movie review, or a bundle.

This Weeks Theme is: New Beginnings!

As it is the beginning of the new year, I feel that it is also a time to start fresh. New resolutions, new hair, new books, you get the gist. Here are some books, movies and songs that have to do with second chances or new beginnings.

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  1. Rites Of Passage by Joy N. Hensley– In this awesome book Sam is getting a new start as she is joining a military school as one of it’s first female cadets. This is an awesome, inspirational story filled with just the right amount of romance and mystery.
  2. Everyday By David Levithan– This is a story about someone waking up in the body of someone different every single day. The narrator needs to be a part of their life and has a new adventure everyday. If thats not a new beginning, I don’t know what is.
  3. What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen– McLean is a girl who moves around constantly. Everyplace she moves to she try to recreate herself, always trying to change herself, or figure out who she really is.

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  1. Jerry McGuire– In this awesome movie Jerry (Tom Cruise…SWOON) decides to come clean about his career and try to change his ways by quitting his job and starting over, the way things should be done.
  2. Forrest Gump– In this classic, Forrest is a bit of a misfit who has a crazy life. Anything that he does leads him to a new opportunity or chance for change.
  3. Hairspray– Just. So. Good.


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  1. Begin Again by Taylor Swift– Ah I love this song! Taylor is singing about how her last relationship has given her all of these expectations that her new love keeps breaking. Its a all about her falling in love again.
  2. It’s Time by Imagine Dragons– This is a song about growing up and changing while trying to explain that to someone else.
  3. Let It Go from Frozen– I LOVE FROZEN. This song is about starting over and being who you want to be, not letting anything or anyone get in the way.


So thats my list of the perfect ways to start over for the new year. Hope you also feel ready to ‘begin again’.




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