10 Best Books I Read in 2014

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I have read 52 books this year (since May), which was my Reading Challenge goal! I am super happy about this! Most of the books I loved I have already mentioned in previous posts, but I think you guys will get the idea, haha. 



Eleanor & Park- I have mentioned Rainbow Rowell in literally every single Top Ten Tuesday that I have done, and I apologize. I honestly love this book so much. The writing is beautiful, the characters are alive, and the entire book gave me the feels. I HIGHLY recommend this book to everyone!Unknown-2

Winger (Winger #1)– I picked up this book because of the praise it was getting in the booktube community, especially by _____. It was one of the first recommendations that I really enjoyed. It is probably my favorite book. The writing is so beautiful and the story and characters are so vivid. This is one of the only books that i recommend to anyone no matter who they are.


Anna and the French Kiss (Anna and the French Kiss #1)- I finally picked this book up after hearing the hype for such a long time, and i am so happy that I did! This is one of the cutest stories that I have ever read. Loved how Paris was almost a character in the way that it was more then just a setting that was forgotten.


Hopeless (Hopeless #1)- This book gave me the feels all at once. The whole idea behind this story was so intense and surprising. I think that the blurb on the back is so misleading. The love story is AWESOME, but it is also emotionally intense and thought provoking.


The Things They Carried– I actually had to read this book over the summer for my Film Literature class and loved it. It was funny, sad, happy, intense, and scary, all at the same time.

2014 Releases 


Since You’ve Been Gone– First off, the cover of this book is so freaking cool. Second, I loved this book! It was a little long, but I still enjoyed everything about it. The characters were interesting and the whole plot was played out really well.


A Little Something Different– A book told from 16 points of view? Yup. And it was amazing. This book is not just a cute little read, but it is also so well written in my opinion. If you want to know more about my many feelings, check out my review!


Love Letters to the Dead- This book blew me away. It was one of those stories that made my heart break, but also felt that it was mending it at the same time because of how much I enjoyed it (does that make sense?).


Rights of Passage– I read this book in a single sitting, and it is 400 pages long. It was so fast paced and incredibly fun. I thought that the characters were really well developed, and you felt for them the entirety of the novel.


Whatever Life Throws At You- I heard lots of mixed reviews about this book, but I really enjoyed this NA book! It was the perfect mix of emotional and fun. I also thought that the sort of forbidden love thing added a lot to this book

Wow, I cannot believe this year is almost over! I am super curious as to what your favorite books of the year were. Did you read any of mine?

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