Halloween 2014- Horror Books in My TBR

Happy Halloween!

Welcome to my first post on this new blog, Maximum Reads! I know that it is a strange way to start blogging, but you know, why not have a TBR? These are all of the horror books that I have on my current TBR list. Horror isn’t my most desired genre to read, but I do enjoy a good scare once in a while. Most of these are YA, but that doesn’t make them any less scary! So here are the books!


The Girl From The Well by Rin Chupeco (Goodreads)

Published August 5th 2014

What it’s about: A girl who was murdered haunts the town on Aomari, Japan, where she was murdered. After being thrown down a well she made it her mission to hunt child murderers. When a new boy moves into the neighborhood things start to get a little crazier then they already are.

Why I am Interested: Eerie doll rituals and exorcisms? Count me in! This book also has a lot to do with Japanese mythology which I know absolutely nothing about!


Bad Girls Don’t Die (Bad Girls Don’t Die #1) by Katie Alender (Goodreads)

What it’s about: Alexis thought that her life was crazy and unconventional, but after a huge family fight, Alexis and her doll-crazy sister become close. By the time Alexis starts to realize that her life may be in danger, her sister Kasey is already not the same person. She exhibits all sorts of strange behavior, like her eyes changing colors and not remembering all of the crazy things she is doing. Not only is her sister changing, but Alexis thinks her house is as well. When all of this starts to become life-threatening , and needs her sister’s help to stop it, but it doesn’t seem like Kasey is the same sister she has always been.

Why I am interested: Ah I love creepy paranormal stuff! I am really excited for this one because it focuses a lot on the relationship between the two sisters along with a bunch of family problems. I think this is also less horror and more thriller/paranormal.


Welcome To The Dark House by Laurie Faria Stolarez  (Goodreads)

What it’s about: Seven contestants are chosen to learn about horror movie director Justin Blake’s new project after writing an essay on what their biggest fear is. These seven strange winners are put in a house together that is creepy and uncomfortable. People start going missing, there may be a creature in the house, and the hostess may be a serial killer. By the time the contestants figure out what is going on it is too late.

Why I am interested: THE COVER IS SO COOL! Also,this sounds like it could get super freaky.


Asylum (Asylum #1) by Madeline Roux   goodreads)

What it’s About: 16-year old Dan is sent to New Hampshire College Prep for a summer program when he discovers that the dorm he is staying in was formerly and insane asylum for the criminally insane. Dan and his two friends Abby and Jordan, begin to spend their summer exploring the hidden history of their dorm.

Why I am interested: Asylums? more like yes.


Dancing with a Dead Horse by Danielle Devor (goodreads)

What it’s about: Jason Miller has all of his goals in mind, but finding the dead body of the most popular girl in school was not one of them. After finding the body, things get even worse. Jason finds a doll of a horse made out of human skin in his locker, and now everyone thinks he is a murderer. As more people are killed, the more his town begins to turn on him, leaving Jason with only one choice, figuring out who the killer is and why they are targeting Him. 

Why I am Interested: This seems so intense! The part about the doll made of human skin is so nasty.

I can’t wait to read these books! Comment below if you have any good horror book recommendations!


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